Aug 19, 2015

Trend Report & Education News

We've noticed the newest trends and want to share them with you! A lot of the current looks for men include very short sides with a longer top. Some have hard parts to accentuate the look. Longer mens styles are very textured and lived in. The women's trend include the "lob" short for long bob. It can be worn wavy or straight and looks great with a solid color or soft Balayage highlights. We are noticing the Ombre is slowly transitioning to a softer color change or adding Balayage highlights in to break up the severity of the color change.

In June, all of the girls at Gloss took a local current trends mens barbering class. It focused on the extremely short current styles for men, including variations on the hard part that is emerging in todays mens fashion. This month, we all took a hand painting/Balayage class that introduced new applications to achieve current womens hair fashion trends. Every stylist at Gloss stays current to keep you looking fresh!